आम्ही ‘कॅब’वाले…

वेळ साधारण सकाळची ३:३० – ४ ची …किंवा ११:३० – १२ ची …किंवा रात्री ७:३० – ८ चि… मोबाईल कर्कश्य आवाजात किणकिणतो…. पलीकडून, “…, हा … ह्याल्लो … अवधूत सर…. पिकअप आहे?”… इकडून मी…”हा…आहे. किती वाजे पर्यंत कॅब येइ… ” …तो पर्यंत पलीकडच्या धसमुसळ्या ट्रान्सपोर्ट वाल्या कोर्डीनेटरने फोन ठेवलेला (आदळलेला) असतो… शिफ्ट सकाळची (मॉर्निंग) किंवा रात्री ची (नाईट) असेल आणि झोपमोड झाली असेल तर दोन … Continue reading आम्ही ‘कॅब’वाले…

What happens when your spouse is a manager…?

You are screwed! Well, not really… But few of the following will start happening; You will start making most of the time spent with her… You start remembering all those special dates, first date, birthdays, day you proposed her, and on… and by heart them… Put a quite a lot time and thought to plan those all those specials dates… Voluntary start sharing all of the daily chores…and that … Continue reading What happens when your spouse is a manager…?

Why, oh Why ???

Greetings, I have the annoying habit of attending various musical programs in and around my house. Now you might be wondering why I state it as annoying, so before moving ahead, let me clarify. It is an annoying habit  because most often, I am not invited for these concerts.When People find that out, they tend to throw some frowns my way. Anyway, during one such … Continue reading Why, oh Why ???

IT’s escalations

Hello Reader, I work with a company which provides IT related services to customers all over the world. We have an operations call with our senior management, once a day, to give updates on the tasks completed during the day or ask any queries about the deliveries for any project. During the call, I observed that one of the teams always ended their update with … Continue reading IT’s escalations

For the want of energy

Ever wonder why someone you met on a bus, a train, a park felt like he/she could be a good friend, or he/she  “clicked” ? That is because of the Energy. More specifically, the frequency at which “you” vibrate. To understand this concept, it is good to understand that everything in the universe, including the universe itself , is vibrating at a certain frequency. This frequency … Continue reading For the want of energy