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IT’s escalations

Hello Reader,

I work with a company which provides IT related services to customers all over the world.

We have an operations call with our senior management, once a day, to give updates on the tasks completed during the day or ask any queries about the deliveries for any project. During the call, I observed that one of the teams always ended their update with ” No major escalation during the day”. I often wondered how it was that a team notorious for plenty of escalations end the status update in such a way. Their confidence was worthy of a dog who knows his master is  not looking and he can defecate where ever he wants.

I finally gathered enough courage to ask one the question which had kept bugging me for a ling time.

For the purpose of this story let us say the name of the person is John. Here is how the conversation went :

Me: Hey, may I ask you a question ?

John : Sure man, whatsup ?

Me : How is it that you guys say you have no major escalation ? I know you have some  escalations .

John : Well, after a major escalation, the Manager gives a call to the management and gives a situation report. So technically, there is no major escalation. Also, Most of the time the escalations are minor, no need for the management to know that.

Me : So basically you say “No Major escalation” even though there is one ?

John : Yup.

I did not dare to ask anything further. I did not want an escalation that the management might needed to know , did I ?

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For the want of energy

Ever wonder why someone you met on a bus, a train, a park felt like he/she could be a good friend, or he/she  “clicked” ?

That is because of the Energy. More specifically, the frequency at which “you” vibrate.

To understand this concept, it is good to understand that everything in the universe, including the universe itself , is vibrating at a certain frequency. This frequency determines, whether that particular object can be termed as positive or negative.

So, for instance,if you sit besides a depressed person, that person is vibrating at a completely different frequency. You may be bound to feel a bit sad and depressed or angry and uncomfortable yourself, because both of you are vibrating at a different frequency.

Now wouldn’t it be best if we keep feeling better, happier more alive all the time ?

Well, simply vibrate at a best frequency. Vibrate at a frequency which matches that of the universe. Since, “The Universe” will be the one providing all the “Goodies” in your life.

Besides this, there are a few things which might give out indications about negative energy.

  •  In a room, you might feel dull
  • The paint from a room may start to peel off, or become faded. The walls may be cracked.
  • You might feel restless in a particular place or with certain people
  • Blushing, cold feet/hands, numbness, excessive sweating, continuous body pain , fear , etc
  • A lot of diseases in a particular place.

Negativity affects ourselves and everyone around us. It limits our potential to become something great and live a fulfilling, purposeful life. So keep it away from you.

Stay blessed.