Scratching the surface

A Nice anecdote from a friend of mine…


1st Incidence :

During our ward rounds,We examined a patient who had just undergone drainage of a big abscess ranging from Hip joint to knee. She was poor,old,diabetic and tired of repeated hospitalizations and wasn’t willing to get better at all.

Breakfast for all patients was being served post our rounds,When we saw the her son taking half of her breakfast outside and eating it himself!

Madam was furious! She scolded him for good 15 minutes,And even though we didn’t participate we all were thinking of the same thing..It was so selfish of him to deprive his ill mother of proper breakfast!

He looked down,said sorry to us and just went away..

2nd Incidence :

It was Monday,and almost half past normal OPD closing hours,Still there were some 10 people yet to be examined..After checking them,we were about to close the OPD finally,When A old man,frail looking came to me…

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