Reading People

So, this is what I wrote for a Mensa project. This isn’t much, but I am a secretive person after all.

The article was all about reading people.

It is said that it is common knowledge that reading people is easy enough.
And yet many people find it difficult to judge how their bosses will react or if the boy/girl you like like you back. There are jokes flying around about people not being able to understand what women want.
So, maybe it is not so common. Maybe, it becomes more difficult to read people as they get older,as they learn to hide their emotions.

Look at babies. It is easy to know when they are happy , sad, want their mom, want to pull hair, want to spit… all the things babies do. Admittedly, babies most eat , sleep or poop, but that is not the point. The point is, people learn to hide their emotions behind a mask. As the Japanese saying goes ” every person has three layers of faces behind which he hides.

So how do you read a person ? I am no expert, but here are some things that I have noticed or heard.
Eye contact : If people maintain eye contact, most of the time they are telling the truth.
Pitch : If the person you are talking to suddenly changes the pitch of their voice, you asked the wrong kid of question. This will be followed by a slight restlessness.
Look at the body language : crossing of hands in mid conversation usually means I need to stop talking right away. If this is followed by a frown, I should probably start running in the opposite direction. It might mean, I offended them in some way, which is very probable.
The evil Smile: cartoon have it almost correct. If a person smiles, look for a slight twitching at the corners. If there is a twitch…. a definite evil mastermind.
Handshakes : See if a handshake is firm, Hard or soft. If hard, don’t trust the guy. He might want to dominate you. If firm, he might sell you a boat in a desert, if soft, just push him around. He won’t mind it, and even if he did he won’t do anything about it.

And this is the limit of what little knowledge I gained while learning to be a human being.

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