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A ray of light

I was watching a police procedural, the other day.
There was a scene where the cop, hero of the TV series, entered a dark room to find the “bad guy”. The room was dark and what does the guy do?  Switch on a flash light.

I always wondered, why switch on the flash light. Doesn’t it make the cop easy to spot?  He should probably roam around quietly, creep up behind the and perhaps say,  “BOO”. I bet the bad guy would need an immediate change of pants along with a pair of jewelry on their hands.

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The wait….

I was in a shopping center recently.
Yes, I am in a habit of spending exorbitant amount of money on clothes. But that’s not the point.

There was a guy standing in the middle of the passage.

Ignoring the social norm of ignorance, i.e minding my own business, I asked him why he was standing right in the middle.
“I am waiting for someone “, came the reply.

I asked,” so you don’t know whom you are waiting for? You should have probably come with someone you know… ”

My friend dragged me away before I could explain to the guy, what I ment.