Most Embarasing Moments

This topic, when I first heard, seemed to easy for me . I mean, I have been caught in a lot of embarrassing moments through my years of existence on earth.
but on further reflection, I realized that these were the moments which shaped my life into what it is today.
For instance, I had a crush school everyone does, nothing embarrassing there. Now, the time came when I was about to tell the lady in question how much I liked to be around her… and I did exactly that… to her similar looking younger sister.
Lesson learnt… always make sure the girl you are talking to, is the girl you want to talk to. It is foolish to stare at your feet during the conversation.

Another instance was when I cracked a joke on sardars… without realizing that the person I was reading out the joke to, was one himself.

One more …. always , always , always tell the parents that you are not feeling well enough for school, instead of simply going to the school and shoot a projectile of vomit right in the middle of the stairs for the entire school to admire.

Here is another one … Always use an LCD monitor, else you get caught using the computer when you have been expressively told not to.

By now you might realize that I had my fare share of embarrassing moments. But I am not yet done. I think the most embarrassing of the moments are those which might not be wrong per se, but might involve you being afraid to do that.

For instance, when your name is announced in the assembly for something you did which others find a thing to be proud of, but you have a stage fright and stumble on the stage like a lost puppy, the one thing on your mind is ” oh god, so many people… hope my pants don’t fall off”, or “I don’t stumble on these mic wires while on my way”, or ” Bloody hell, why am I here ?”

One more instance… I was being shouted at in front of lot many people. Suddenly the shouter realizes that the shoutee is not the person he was looking for. Now comes the embarrassing moment when the shouter’s face changes drastically and the shoutee now has to listen to the apologies in front of the same people… and the pressure of the mob helps in no way to make the transition from shoutee to shouter. All you can do is go red.

But most of my embarrassing moments are quite silly, and have absolutely very little to do with devoting an entire writeup for the topic. maybe this might also qualify as an embarrassing moment. I don’t know. Perhaps it would be best to ask the people listening to the meaning less chatter of the writer and forced to say “wow this is good”… and they might then be inclined to add this experience in their writeup under the section for embarrassing complements….

One thing is certain. These moments help forge or destroy bonds between people. Because you share such details only with people whom you might trust.

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