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Marriage Jitters and poundings

Everyone gets jitters when they are getting married. Especially in arranged marriages when traditionally, the bride and groom hardly see each other, although times are changing.

I was day dreaming  about marriage ,the other day, when a thought struck me. Believe me, it is like getting hit with a frying pan on your head. The thoughts, i meant. Not the marriage. Domestic violence is usually frowned upon.

Anyway, I was daydreaming. And I couldn’t help but wonder how an imaginary friend of mine could be beaten-up on the day of his marriage, when he made a grand entrance in the marriage hall in traditional fashion, i.e on a horse ? It is all about the traditions, now a days, isn’t it ?

Perhaps the fact that he was in a wrong marriage hall and claimed a wrong bride for himself could be a factor.


An IT professional, a Slytherin, a brooding narcissist who lives behind his keyboard.

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