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What if…

I hear a lot of What ifs these days.

I will try to answer these what ifs as and when I can.

One of the what ifs is :


What if Women ran this world rather than Men ?

Well, this question is mostly asked by women. Why they think so, I have no idea because I think they already run the show, albeit from the background.

But I they do run it from the foreground, I ,being an Equalist, think that the only thing that will change is that the question will be phrased , “What will happen if Men run the world instead the Women ? “

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Morning Ritual

Due to technology, this has become the morning ritual of most of us :

  • Reposition yourself from a prone position to a seating position on your bed
  • Take your mobile in hand with sleepy eyes. Let your eyes adjust to the bright screen. Rub them vigorously till they adjust.
  • Check whatsapp.
  • Reply with as little words as possible on whatsapp. If reply can be a smiley, consider it as an added advantage.
  • Go to the facebook app on the phone, check status updates you posted a decade ago and share it. This will indicate you were very socially active at one time
  • Share random facebook posts. If possible tag your friends.
  • Refrain from posting anything original. If you do, take care to repost it at a later stage.
  • If you are properly awake, gather enough energy to get down from bed, else keep browsing 9gag till you muster the strength.
  • Curse the weather for making the floor so cold.
  • Figure out what day it is. Use complex mathematics if necessary, else refer to your phone.
  • Start your daily routine.
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Happy skull

I don’t know why people are scared of skulls.

I mean look at them :

They are always smiling.

They are basically harmless,in the sense that they can not cause any physical harm themselves;without any external help.

They can be used for a lot of things like storage of candles, warding off black magic (not sure if black magic exists, but skulls are mostly used to create such an environment), a makeshift cricket ball, protect brains in case of a zombie apocalypse, scare pesky and meddling kids,  etc.

I believe rock bands use skulls to promote these virtues of the human skull.

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Poor Restaurant, Rich Restaurant

ballet of words

I am a foodie, so I like to visit plenty of eating places. During  the sorties, I observed a few things which might differentiate pricey fancy restaurants from cheap  budget restaurants.

Fancy : If you have to stay in a queue and have to be quiet, it is bound to be a fancy place.

Budget :You can be in a queue and shout to your hearts content. 

Fancy : The “Fancier” the place, less the portion of the food.

Budget : The Portion does not depend on the cost, but on the whim of the chef.

Fancy : The waiters take their time to bring the dish to the table. They event wait an appropriate amount of time, before bringing the next course.

Budget : The waiters bring the food very fast, even though you haven’t finished your current meal. 

Fancy : You can stay and chat as long as…

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