Morning Ritual

Due to technology, this has become the morning ritual of most of us :

  • Reposition yourself from a prone position to a seating position on your bed
  • Take your mobile in hand with sleepy eyes. Let your eyes adjust to the bright screen. Rub them vigorously till they adjust.
  • Check whatsapp.
  • Reply with as little words as possible on whatsapp. If reply can be a smiley, consider it as an added advantage.
  • Go to the facebook app on the phone, check status updates you posted a decade ago and share it. This will indicate you were very socially active at one time
  • Share random facebook posts. If possible tag your friends.
  • Refrain from posting anything original. If you do, take care to repost it at a later stage.
  • If you are properly awake, gather enough energy to get down from bed, else keep browsing 9gag till you muster the strength.
  • Curse the weather for making the floor so cold.
  • Figure out what day it is. Use complex mathematics if necessary, else refer to your phone.
  • Start your daily routine.

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