Thanks World !

Facebook, in all its wisdom, informs me that today is the day I complete one year as a blogger.

I did not realize that it already is a year since I though of started putting my quirky thoughts to words. More importantly, I am surprised to see that I was able to last this long, given that I have the attention span of a monkey.

I would like to thanks all my readers, who “liked” my posts and encouraged me to pen more entertaining and useful material. This is the main reason I was able to go on for this long.

I would also like to thanks a few people who were generous enough to donate money after reading my write-ups.

I would also like to thank my Mom, Dad, friends, colleges, office internet and the guy who keeps looking over my shoulder, just to see me struggle to get the typo right.


Thanks all.

Shalom, Namaste, Pip pip …

4 thoughts on “Thanks World !

  1. I followed the link and loved the thank you! I also have the attention span of a monkey. If possible could you give my blog a read and a follow? Thank you :’) I hope to stay as inspired as you!

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    1. Thanks for the read,like and follow ( I would have also liked to thank for the “donations: but I better not appear to be too needy:P ). I did go through your blog and liked it ( not talking about the button, mind you). I read you are a Gryffindor, good going. I think I am more Sytherin, but only because I like green and grey (and crave power).

      One serious note, I myself started writing a blog because I was inspired by someone, so I am honored that you think I inspired you in some way.

      Keep Blogging…

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