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Plan B…

The new year has come in and its already been 2 weeks into it, but when I look at Life, what I have seen is that, it always has a different plan than what you had expected from it.

No matter what you plan to do and what you are prepared for, Life will swoop in and put you in such a situation which you had never expected at all…

It like you make Plan A and failover Plan B, to that fail over would be Plan C, but Life, is such a mysterious thing, that it will always put in situation D and will test you wits to the max!

I guess such are the situations, where one is tested with its wisdom, how to react to it, is all that to it… Some of us would us tremble in fear, since we were not prepared for such a situation and some of us would attack it head on with whatever they got, and that is how it all works…

So, in a nutshell there is never Plan B, its just how one could move forward with the data accumulated over the years, converting it into knowledge and then deploying that knowledge at the right moment, giving rise to the wisdom!

Thus going back stating, its all part of a bigger plan that is all….

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Why not ask ?

I was watching a program on the television recently. It was a comedy show.

The performer, stood on the stage, smiling and waving at the audience.

The very first line he said , ” I don’t know why I am here today.”.

I never understood this. If you don’t know why you are there, why not ask the organizers  when they come to invite you to do a skit ? It is not like you were surprised to be called on the stage.

Or perhaps, they suddenly have an epiphany or because self-aware of yourself, right in that divine place, of the stage facing thousands of pairs of eyes looking at you (or perhaps at your soul).