To start with, I am not even sure if companionship is the right word? You may ask, what might be the reason to dig into subject of this sort?

Why would anyone need a companion? This was a question that I used to toss away in the garbage dump in my teens and would not look back… but lately I have been pondering on this same question and it has started to bother me on a daily basis!… After pondering over it for plenty of sleepless nights and quite a few naps at work, I was able to come up some closure… Or that is what I might think…

For starters, after crossing a certain age a person is left all alone and I mean really alone. The number of friends are dwindling and there are a very few left. The ones which are few left, are either engaged or in a very serious relationship. They have their own priorities and responsibilities to tackle and take care off… They are no longer, “Available all the time to be with you…” PERIOD!

Even at work, as one keeps climbing up the ladder of work experience and promotions and positions, the number of people whom you could interact freely, and I mean by being the real you, also dwindles… Since one has an image that is needed to be managed in front of all those subordinates. Else it will just become a bottle neck and won’t be able to get anything done!

Well, as the days pass along, the feeling of being alone also creeps in and a person gets tired of portraying an image of oneself, which he is really not!

The feeling of having someone besides, the kind of a person, who could embrace you the way you are. The desire to have that person, who could just make you feel better, no matter what your mood is… The pain of not having anyone around where, you could act the normal you, the real you… All this creeps in…

Then reluctantly and silently, one gets up and logs in to the computer, firing up the browser and start registering over all those millions of dating sites… Just in the hope that one would find their companion of the dreams… Thus the quest for a companion begins, in the hopes of not needing to spend the rest of life portraying the not real you…

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