The atoms…

Recently, I was reading an article from one of the science magazines. It was an article that I came across, relating to the research being conducted using LHC or the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. The worlds most complex and advanced machine.
This article provided the details about how the scientists are trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe and its inner workings on a level that one cannot even grasp! And they are trying to unravel the workings by smashing atom together, so that it could decay into its smaller constituents… Which could be further studied…
It got me thinking, we as humans, who are trying to understand what makes up the Universe, what are the basic components? How they came into existence? Why they are the way they are? This is something which really tips the scales of awesomeness to the MAX!!
If you think of it in this way, we are smashing atoms in tiny bits to understand their makeup, to decipher those grand and big hidden mysteries of the natural world..
But, when you think a bit further, humans and the machines used to smash those atoms, are themselves made up of countless number of atoms…
So, in a nutshell, its the atoms themselves who are smashing these other set of atoms, to find out what they are really made up off?
At the first feels a tad bit creepy, but then one tries get a grip of how grand it is! It makes the head spin even thinking about it…
Makes you wonder, how could something which has no life, comes to existence to study itself?
Is that not a big mystery in itself? Is it not like the maker himself is trying understand what he is?
Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “The atoms…

  1. The Atoms come together, but there is something which we call “Shakti” or energy, which gives us, the humans, the ability to think. Hence, it is actually this Shakti who is trying to learn the behaviour of the atom… not the atom that is learning itself.


    1. Yes, I think this perspective is also on the right track. The energy that keeps everything together is trying to study itself and unlock the grander scheme and secrets within… Its like understanding oneself to make improvements for the long term goals…

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