Exhausted Jesus To Rise Monday, Maybe Tuesday

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HEAVEN—Noting that He is just totally exhausted and could really use the extra rest, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior announced today that He’ll rise Monday, if not Tuesday. “It’s been a crazy couple months, and three days just isn’t going to cut it,” said a visibly tired Jesus to reporters on Good Friday, the day he dies for… Continue reading Exhausted Jesus To Rise Monday, Maybe Tuesday

a shrill shriek follows me

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My house is haunted by a demonic talking skull but no one believes me because it’s wrapped in human flesh and technically we’re dating. ** This piece was curated with the explicit permission of my real-life girlfriend who asked I clearly state that I do not actually think she is an evil talking skull, and that I… Continue reading a shrill shriek follows me

What’s in a name?

So, as the title suggests, I had been to Akola recently. Extremely hot temperature, very spicy food and absolutely loving people. The trip started with me boarding the Maharashtra Express. Don’t let the name of the train fool you. As the name suggests, the train covers an entirety of Maharashtra and in no way, does it do this in express fashion. The train takes a … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Scratching the surface

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1st Incidence : During our ward rounds,We examined a patient who had just undergone drainage of a big abscess ranging from Hip joint to knee. She was poor,old,diabetic and tired of repeated hospitalizations and wasn’t willing to get better at all. Breakfast for all patients was being served post our rounds,When we saw the her son taking half of her breakfast… Continue reading Scratching the surface