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The Cubicle…

There is an individual who works for about 9 hours a day. Commutes the same route. Parks at the same spot. Enters the workplace from the same door. And then sits in a square called a cubicle, where he will be spending rest of his days, months and the years to come, just to make his ends meet.
Sometimes I feel, what an irony are these cubicles, we, the most of the crowd, spend so many months and years just so that one we could break out of those four walls. And then explore the world that is very different from those four walls of the cubicle?
Its like we are stuck there with our own will, we have trapped ourselves in those four walls, just so that slogging inside them will one day give us the freedom that we need. But, then after some years, we are all become complacent of those four walls and never want to leave them again.
Many swear by those four walls and become afraid of actually exploring the real world out there… That is when you enlighten what power the cubicle hold over you… It just becomes a second home for you, you spend about 9 hours out waking hours in that small confined space…
Cubicle, a place where most of our years are spent and these years just fleet by you… that is when you wonder, what if I had tried something different? Or is this where I will be for the rest of my life?
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The impatience…

Recently there have been a lot of mental ramblings about the right partner to choose. As here in India, if you pass above the age of 30 and if you are single then your family gets really impatient envisioning about your future without a life partner…! And all the hardships that one might have to go through…

Thus, the search for the right bride or groom begins with full throttle, and support is enlisted forth from the close friends, neighbors, and from relatives from a far far away land…

The suggestions start pouring in, first one then two and then a few more and a few more… Every weekend is a fest of playing the game of matchmaking, comparing the stats, the incomes, the skin colour, the education, the family background, the place of birth and the most important of all, (sigh) matching the horoscopes (I mean really! In this day and age you are going to blame some planets and stars millions and billions of kilometers away for what happens in your life? Really?)… Oh well, since its the tradition have to bear it…

Then the day comes in when you have to visit the bride/groom’s home meet her/his parents (most of the times it’s the groom that visits the bride’s home)… Pleasantries are exchanged, a few jokes are thrown around and same questions are asked (even when the entire bio-data along with all the stats was forwarded earlier to them) Oh well…

Then the time comes when everyone is staring at the girl and the boy, urging them to ask questions to each other… In the gaze of those 100 eyes, they are barely able to speak… With a few generic questions and answers, the meeting finally ends…

Everyone is delighted with the breakfast or the little snacks that are served… another round of loud jokes is passed, with some more generic discussion of where each family tree has started and where it ended, and with wide smiles, we depart, not sure if gonna meet again or not…

And midst of all this chaos you are standing there trying to grasp and summarise the situation… wondering if you really had proposed that girl you really liked from the college long long back then…? Would you have been spared these weekly meets and greets?

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Cold Blooded reactions


Lizards, the cold blooded reptiles are often keeping you company in your house. Most of the time you know about it, some of the time you choose to ignore about knowing it and a few times, you actually don’t know about it. The interesting fact that these mini crocodiles can clean away the pests in your house is most often, ignored. However these creatures do incite some funny reactions from those who hate them.

Some people, on spotting a lizard, innocently basking on the wall, trying to look nonchalant – will immediately start screaming on top of their voices. This leads to the neighbours to think of filing a restraining order against the husband/boyfriend/better half for domestic abuse. However, the accompanying sound of a stick banging on the wall and the male voice making “shooing” noises, calms them a bit while they revisit the memory lanes and envision themselves in a similar situation. This role is sometimes reversed, as it is not just the fairer sex who is always afraid of the lizards.

There are some husband, that I know, who have an ingenious way of dealing with this problem. It can happen that in a house, both , the husband and wife are afraid of the mini crocodiles. The usual process would go in this way.

On spotting the nonchalant Lizard, the wife will let out a shrill tune, sounding a mix between an opera singer and a Nazgul. The husband identifies this war cry and prepares himself.

He shall put on the helmet, to save himself from any injury to head due to an unscheduled fall arising from unexpected jump from the lizard. He will then pick up the “Lizard repellent”, the HIT lizard spray. The chemicals in this spray should dull the lizard, which should make it loose it grip on the wall. It will eventually fall on the ground, dazed from all the spraying it received. Now comes in the broom. A skilful use of the broom will relocate the lizard from the ground, onto a long piece of paper. The lizard will then be forcefully escorted to the outside by the husband, keeping the paper as far from his body as possible. Once outside, it will be unceremoniously dumped in a bush,  the paper will be discarded and the gladiator will return home to his loving wife.

Sometimes the shrill noise is also accompanied by the person running to a chair , and then onto a table. The logic behind this is non-explainable. If a creature can crawl on the walls, it can definitely crawl up the legs of the table.

All in all, the mini crocodile definitely suffers a lot when it is just hunting for food. the matters are not helped when people keep their houses clean and start killing the cockroaches on their own, robbing the poor lizard of its food.

Shame on such people, shame.

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Annoying Neighbours

It was 2:30 in the morning.

The doorbell rang.

I opened the door, a bit annoyed. ‘Why the hell would people disturb anyone at this hour’, I thought.

It was my next door neighbour. He just wanted to borrow some salt.

I gave him a small portion of it, he said “Good night, have a good sleep now, it is late” and went away.

I thought, ‘ It is lucky I was awake, practising rock music on my electric guitar. Else the bugger would have remained salt-less till morning’

How can people be so inconsiderate.

Annoying neighbour

  • Photo picked directly from google and I claim no ownership of it.
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No Child’s Play

We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.  – Franklin D Roosevelt

The news on the TV shows a child with a firearm. The title just says that he is a child soldier.

The kid, who should be playing catch with a ball, is now playing suicide with bombs.

What has the world come to, when such kids are being targeted via hate chat boards. This an improper using of chat and message boards and overall social media. Though, social media is not supposed to be at blame. it was meant to bring people together and build relations and thus spread love.

The youth/ teanagers are rebelious. They always have been, throughout the history of mankind. But when did this rebellious youth turn from running out and smoking a cigarette, to becoming a child soldier ?

It is a sad day indeed, when kids are being brought into the wars of men.