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Why, oh Why ???


I have the annoying habit of attending various musical programs in and around my house.

Now you might be wondering why I state it as annoying, so before moving ahead, let me clarify. It is an annoying habit  because most often, I am not invited for these concerts.When People find that out, they tend to throw some frowns my way.

Anyway, during one such concert, I found that a lot of High class ladies (snob is such an overbearing word), were discussing a play they saw “the other day”.

It was quite an interesting conversation, I wish I could write that here, but this write up is not about a few old cronies bickering among themselves.

The conversation  threw a sudden realization in my face; and this realization stank more than the slums adjacent to railway tracks.

The realization : Why do short films/plays ask questions and end the play ?

This does not constitute as a cliffhanger ,does it ?

If the writer feels that this will look like a story worthy of a national award, then it is ridiculous. It is just a question. It does not solve anything, does it ?

I realize, that now I am asking questions. But I am certain I am not a great writer.

However, I feel compelled to provide a solution. and that is :

Give solution to the problems you raise in your plays.

Oh great writers : Everyone who knows anything and comes to watch your plays, is aware of most of the problems in the society. But if you really want to help, give solutions, show people a way it can be done,(if doing it yourself is out of question)….

Hope this does not puncture the national film festival’s influx of “great upcoming writers”

So long,

Shalom, Namaste, Pip Pip..