Traffic light…

We all travel on a daily basis, using the road as our main medium of transport. Daily we are heading for work, somedays we are heading towards some leisure activities. Some of us travel via car, some like to use a motorbike…

And since we are using the roads, we all come across the most dreaded thing, the traffic signal or some might call it traffic lights…

This is the spot where we all have to slow down and come to a hault at the command of the red traffic light to let the traffic from the other directions of the road pass… everyone is pretty patient about this process and it makes one more patient, when these traffic lights have a counter… You know the one like they have for launch control at ISRO… waiting like, 10… start your engines…. 5…4…3…2…1 and blast off.. yeah those….

And with this information, you are waiting there for it to turn green, so that you could move a step closer to your destination. But, while you are patiently waiting at, there would always be a moron or  a may be specially gifted, (who is, a mile away)…
Consistently keeps on honking, as if all the cars on the road would magically dis-appear  (a le Bruce Almighty) and he would have the entire patch of road to his own…

By the time he reaches the intersection, you have well passed and think to yourself, did the signal really turn green because of his honking???

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