Square one…

As the year approaches the end, unknowingly a melancholy creeps in. It is something that one cannot control neither ignore, it just creeps into the mind…

With the last few weeks remaining, one starts pondering over the things done over the course of last 11 months. Its a mixed bag of emotions, the good, the bad and the some, no one would like to bring it to the light…

But the melancholy one faces is about the wrong things that have been done over the last year, the promises made, the resolution broken and still being at the same place where was one year ago… how they were not fulfilled and how one is back to square one?

Being at the square one is not an issue, but resolution or promises which were never achieved, just put up a mark on ones mind. There is this reluctance to working over them again.
This reluctance is due to all the overthinking one does in order jump start that resolution in the next year again!!

Since, its a new year one has another chance and another year to give it a try, make sure that the determination does not fizzle out in a first few weeks of the year…

Why not give it another chance to yourself, the taste of victory would be really sweet rather than sitting in melancholy, thinking over what went wrong and how it would have been better if, x or y variable would have not been in play…

All in all, sometimes square one is all you need to catapult yourself towards the greater good, may the coming year be one such beautiful and fulfilling!

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