Time machine…

Ever wondered if we had a time machine? What could have been its implications on the history as we know it? Yes, there has been a lot of discussion in a lot of literature already… but, what if?

It is a technological concept which has always intrigued me… It is something that has always caught my imagination! It makes me think about a lot of possibilities and even a lot more events that one individual, could have an impact on…

Having such a machine would be no less than having a superpower of some sort. One can always go back in time for, a few minutes, a few days or even years and change that one particular event… That one particular nagging thing or that one mistake or an history in its entirety? It’s just endless things which could be accomplished, it’s as vast as one’s imagination could get…

With such a super-power and is almost God like ability, what are the events that one would be motivated to modify? Could it be moving to the future and getting the future tech here to get a head start? Or moving to the past and altering that one event, which will have an impact on the history of the entire planet? Or what if a person is motivated by personal motives and greed, and then move back in the past or in the future, just for his personal gains and in turn changing the entire timeline of the world as we know it? It’s just a matter of, who gets his hands on the machine first?

The last thing that remains, who knows? If the time travelers or time agents are already within us… Making those minute adjustments to the timelines as it suits their own future may be? Would these adjustments be same as we make them on our timekeeping devices? a little minute here, an hour there?

Who knows, how many times the history might have changed, changing the future along with it?

Who knows, when you get nightmares, they are because of the minute adjustments already made by the time agents? Or its just because you have entered a new timeline of your own… Who knows…?

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