I, Me and Myself

I am a condescending, narcissistic , obnoxious snob.

I am also, very lovable . Since I am a narcissist, I love to talk about my self ,a lot. So read on .

I am a guy who dabbles in various genres of writing.

Also, an IT professional, who lives behind his keyboard and likes it.
I am smart enough be very lazy but still get my work done.

If you like sarcastic and dark humour, please do keep visiting.

If you don’t, why not give it a try ?

Why I started writing : 

It has been more than eight years, since I last put words to my thoughts. Not due to lack of thoughts, nor the subject matter, but the struggle to survive in the fast moving world was so intense, that this part of me had to be suppressed and eventually became dormant.

Now something happened, a few days back which spurred me into starting looking at my passion for writing.

A friend posted some anecdotes,which got me thinking… “This is the right time to start putting my thoughts on paper… It is now or never”.  And so began the journey to explore the word of Word. Something that seperates us from animals, (which may not be a good thing)


Shalom, Namaste, Pip Pip..

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