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Life is sacred…a satire

She was sitting at the hospital, looking at her stomach, gently moving her hand over it.

While doing so, she kept going back to her trip to Africa. She cursed the day she entered that place.

She never thought, that her one decision would cause her this much pain. But she knew she had no choice.

She had to get rid of the life inside of her. She did not want it.

“The doctor will see you now”, said the nurse.

She went in the doctor’s cabin. Dread was upon her like a large and heavy blanket on a kid’s chest. This decision weighing heavily on her.

The doctor  had a file in front of him. Eyes peering into a bunch of papers. His eyes kept looking at the papers while his mouth said,”We can kill it without the surgery. I will subscribe some medicines for you. We should be rid of it in no time. It is still in its primary stage”.

This was excellent news for her. Joy spread across her face.

She would finally get rid of the growth in her stomach. The parasite living inside of her.

The Tapeworm.

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What comes to your mind when you hear or read theae words? 

I am sure a human female comes to your mind who has wronged you in some way. Not a female dog.


I mean. As far as I know, dogs are supposed to one of the most loyal beings…

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Tick tick…

A formerly depressed friend of mine once said to me,

“you known, back in the day when i was feeling depressed, I always thought of giving up on life. But then, one day I got a good suggestion from someone. She told me to listen to the ticking of the clock. The ticking used to calm me down.”

I always wondered what would have happened to him if the battery had ran out…

Anyway, I am not sure this method applies to everyone. For instance, ticking of a clock is not healthy for someone who is in a profession like “Bomb disposal”.