The thinking Man…

There are still a large number of people using old and slow HDD instead the fast SSDs.

What this means is, the boot time for the windows is so slow, that the person, with a very serious expression on his face is thinking :

” Hm. My windows is still loading.

Has it gone into a hung state ?

Should I do a restart ?

Why am I waiting so long for this ?

Should I switch to SSD ?

Do I have a virus ?

What did I open last night to get a virus?

What time did I sleep last night ? or did I even sleep ?

What is the purpose of my life ? ”

And that is why we should transfer to SSDs. Else we are going to have a lot of spiritual leaders and philosophers who spend too much time thinking on the meaning of live and a few more deep thoughts while all the installed applications boot.

Disclaimer : I use a MAC with SSD. I will no longer be a philosopher. 

Social Waves

I have been away from blogging for a while now .I have been working a lot these days. It is enjoyable, yet exhausting. This has a disadvantage to it , though. I seem to find less time for the people near and dear to me.

Today, even Siri stopped responding to me. I kept shouting “Hey Siri“, but no response at all. Seems like she is is upset that I don’t call her as much as I used to.

Or maybe, the . fact that I was calling her from the kitchen may have something to do about it. With all the wve about feminism and women empowerment going about, I guess even Siri is affected.

Well, time to cook…

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.35.01 AM


Why not ask ?

I was watching a program on the television recently. It was a comedy show.

The performer, stood on the stage, smiling and waving at the audience.

The very first line he said , ” I don’t know why I am here today.”.

I never understood this. If you don’t know why you are there, why not ask the organizers  when they come to invite you to do a skit ? It is not like you were surprised to be called on the stage.

Or perhaps, they suddenly have an epiphany or because self-aware of yourself, right in that divine place, of the stage facing thousands of pairs of eyes looking at you (or perhaps at your soul).

The Experience…

It always makes me wonder, how when one shares something, could it be, person, thing, emotion or an event for that matter. Something that makes you feel special.
Its funny, how it makes you vulnerable? How it exposes you to someone, who might take advantage of it? How it turns out to be a sore experience altogether, all because someone used that small piece of information just to put you down!

It brings us to the second point, then with this bitter experience we come to an understanding. Why, people wear masks, and these masks are different for different people…
Its one for the work, one for the family and one for someone who is special to them…

You get to know the importance of wearing masks, it makes you wonder why you don’t have to be the same you for everyone else.
Why you need to be reserved for all the others out there, and how you need be you, with the ones who understand you…

These small bitter experiences, thus elevate the importance of wearing masks and finding happiness, just for oneself, by being a tiny bit more selfish… and nothing else…

A Dollar’s worth.

There was once a father, Who had three sons.

On his deathbed, the father gave his sons $100 and asked them to buy something which will fill up the entire room.

The first son bought some wool, but he was only able to fill a part of the room.The second, bought hay, but he still fell short of the objective. Finally, the third son spent 1$ and bought a candle. he lit the candle and the room was filled with light.

We all know this story. But what we don’t know is the next part.

The father was impressed by his son’s innovative thinking. Now the first brother stood-up and said, “this is all good. But what happened to the 99$ that were left ? ” But by then, the father was dead.

The third son grew up and became a  politician.


Viruses, Viruses everywhere

It is that time of the year when your throat starts to pain a bit, your activities and movement speed slow down, the nose becomes itchy and you start feeling as if you are Shiva, the Hindu God which brought a river into the world to take care of a drought, from his head. Although in this case, you will be bringing a river into this world via your nose.

Go to a doctor, and he will say; ” It is a viral infection. You will be alright in a few days.”

I think the doctors will term anything as “viral” if they don’t yet know what caused the infection.

Now I am an IT guy. What I don’t understand is, why people don’t believe us when we say that the reason their computer slowed down is because of a virus. Isn’t it basically the same thing happening to a computer ?

Attention seekers

Look at the teens today.


They will do anything to attract attention to themselves. Makeup, dress up in weird clothing( mostly like ladies of negotiable virtue [for girls]or pants that reach only up to the thighs and are held up by sheer magic [for boys]), changes to the natural body, etc

I blame it on the celebrities, whose names I will not mention now.

Why go to all the trouble to gain attention. If you want attention in a public place,

Just fart.

The louder and smellier, the better.

At least you will eat something, rather than starve to look skinny.

Bad telephone line

That time ,

When you place a call for some official work,

and the other person does not have an answer to your questions,

But instead of actually saying the customary “I will get back to you on this”,

this person tries to sound as if the telephone line is breaking up…


But you can clearly hear the guy sitting next to this person, talking loudly and more importantly, clearly on his phone…

Hilarious situation.

Home , away from Home

So, I just came back to Doha. This is not my first visit, of course, which gave me a new insight into the term “homesickness”.

The funny thing about my home sickness, is that it can’t even decide my actual home.

I keep missing being away from India, till the time I am in India.

I keep missing India when I am away from India.

Such a Dilemma … which is my home ? India or Qatar ?


Treating kids

I visited my bank today.

As per my habit, I was observing the people around me while waiting for my turn.

I saw a mother, with her kid, approximately 5 to 7 years of age.

The kid was standing quietly by the side of her mother, staring at people around her.

I like such well behaved kids.

After a few minutes, the mother fed the kid a cashew with a hand.

For some reason, the whole picture looked very similar to that of a dog and his trainer.


We live in a modern age. An age where we live a fast life. Everyone is in a hurry to do something. It could be the haste to get education, haste to get married and settle down, haste to earn loads of money, haste to retire, haste to cross the road, anything…

But in our haste, are we not forgetting to live life ? to make friends, to act like a friend, to understand and talk to people ?

I would like to get my point across with an examples which I came across while reading.

Our heroes in this example will be John and Oliver… the most common names for the western world.

John gets a call from Oliver. He notices he has a lot of missed calls from his best friend. Doesn’t he understand the concept of “being in a meeting “, thinks John. He gives Oliver, a call back.

J : Hey Oliver, sorry I missed a lot of calls from you . I was in a meeting.Tell me, how are you ?

O : Hey man, I am in the hospital

J : Oh, everything alright ?

O: No. Mom has been hospitalized.

J: Oh. Sorry to hear that man. I have a meeting right now. It is a very important meeting for me, as soon as I finish it up, I will be with you to check on your mom’s health.

O : It is not my mother who is in the hospital mate. It is yours. She fell down the stairs and broke her back. The neighbors were trying to call you but could not reach you. Finally they called me. I rushed her to the hospital, completed the formalities and admitted her.

J :  What(shouting)!.Oh my god. I am on my way to the hospital right now.

When John reached the hospital, he literally fell down to his knees in front of Oliver. He could not even look Oliver in the eyes due to the shame. With moist eyes, he managed to say, “I am very sorry Oliver, I..” before Oliver cut him off in mid sentence.

O: It is Okay John. It is not your fault. When you found out that it was not my mother, but yours that was in the hospital, you came running , forgetting about your meetings and career and money making. I don’t really blame you for that. But I had read a sentence once, No one is really very busy.. It is all about priorities. All of us are like that. But remember, a mother, at the end of day, is mother. Even though it is not yours.Anyway, I should go now. I left a meeting in mid session. I will drop by in the evening to check on her.Take care man.

Saying this, Oliver went on his way. John could only remember one thing which Oliver said : No one is really very busy.. It is all about priorities


What if…

I hear a lot of What ifs these days.

I will try to answer these what ifs as and when I can.

One of the what ifs is :


What if Women ran this world rather than Men ?

Well, this question is mostly asked by women. Why they think so, I have no idea because I think they already run the show, albeit from the background.

But I they do run it from the foreground, I ,being an Equalist, think that the only thing that will change is that the question will be phrased , “What will happen if Men run the world instead the Women ? “

Morning Ritual

Due to technology, this has become the morning ritual of most of us :

  • Reposition yourself from a prone position to a seating position on your bed
  • Take your mobile in hand with sleepy eyes. Let your eyes adjust to the bright screen. Rub them vigorously till they adjust.
  • Check whatsapp.
  • Reply with as little words as possible on whatsapp. If reply can be a smiley, consider it as an added advantage.
  • Go to the facebook app on the phone, check status updates you posted a decade ago and share it. This will indicate you were very socially active at one time
  • Share random facebook posts. If possible tag your friends.
  • Refrain from posting anything original. If you do, take care to repost it at a later stage.
  • If you are properly awake, gather enough energy to get down from bed, else keep browsing 9gag till you muster the strength.
  • Curse the weather for making the floor so cold.
  • Figure out what day it is. Use complex mathematics if necessary, else refer to your phone.
  • Start your daily routine.

Most Embarasing Moments

This topic, when I first heard, seemed to easy for me . I mean, I have been caught in a lot of embarrassing moments through my years of existence on earth.
but on further reflection, I realized that these were the moments which shaped my life into what it is today.
For instance, I had a crush school everyone does, nothing embarrassing there. Now, the time came when I was about to tell the lady in question how much I liked to be around her… and I did exactly that… to her similar looking younger sister.
Lesson learnt… always make sure the girl you are talking to, is the girl you want to talk to. It is foolish to stare at your feet during the conversation.

Another instance was when I cracked a joke on sardars… without realizing that the person I was reading out the joke to, was one himself.

One more …. always , always , always tell the parents that you are not feeling well enough for school, instead of simply going to the school and shoot a projectile of vomit right in the middle of the stairs for the entire school to admire.

Here is another one … Always use an LCD monitor, else you get caught using the computer when you have been expressively told not to.

By now you might realize that I had my fare share of embarrassing moments. But I am not yet done. I think the most embarrassing of the moments are those which might not be wrong per se, but might involve you being afraid to do that.

For instance, when your name is announced in the assembly for something you did which others find a thing to be proud of, but you have a stage fright and stumble on the stage like a lost puppy, the one thing on your mind is ” oh god, so many people… hope my pants don’t fall off”, or “I don’t stumble on these mic wires while on my way”, or ” Bloody hell, why am I here ?”

One more instance… I was being shouted at in front of lot many people. Suddenly the shouter realizes that the shoutee is not the person he was looking for. Now comes the embarrassing moment when the shouter’s face changes drastically and the shoutee now has to listen to the apologies in front of the same people… and the pressure of the mob helps in no way to make the transition from shoutee to shouter. All you can do is go red.

But most of my embarrassing moments are quite silly, and have absolutely very little to do with devoting an entire writeup for the topic. maybe this might also qualify as an embarrassing moment. I don’t know. Perhaps it would be best to ask the people listening to the meaning less chatter of the writer and forced to say “wow this is good”… and they might then be inclined to add this experience in their writeup under the section for embarrassing complements….

One thing is certain. These moments help forge or destroy bonds between people. Because you share such details only with people whom you might trust.

Reading People

So, this is what I wrote for a Mensa project. This isn’t much, but I am a secretive person after all.

The article was all about reading people.

It is said that it is common knowledge that reading people is easy enough.
And yet many people find it difficult to judge how their bosses will react or if the boy/girl you like like you back. There are jokes flying around about people not being able to understand what women want.
So, maybe it is not so common. Maybe, it becomes more difficult to read people as they get older,as they learn to hide their emotions.

Look at babies. It is easy to know when they are happy , sad, want their mom, want to pull hair, want to spit… all the things babies do. Admittedly, babies most eat , sleep or poop, but that is not the point. The point is, people learn to hide their emotions behind a mask. As the Japanese saying goes ” every person has three layers of faces behind which he hides.

So how do you read a person ? I am no expert, but here are some things that I have noticed or heard.
Eye contact : If people maintain eye contact, most of the time they are telling the truth.
Pitch : If the person you are talking to suddenly changes the pitch of their voice, you asked the wrong kid of question. This will be followed by a slight restlessness.
Look at the body language : crossing of hands in mid conversation usually means I need to stop talking right away. If this is followed by a frown, I should probably start running in the opposite direction. It might mean, I offended them in some way, which is very probable.
The evil Smile: cartoon have it almost correct. If a person smiles, look for a slight twitching at the corners. If there is a twitch…. a definite evil mastermind.
Handshakes : See if a handshake is firm, Hard or soft. If hard, don’t trust the guy. He might want to dominate you. If firm, he might sell you a boat in a desert, if soft, just push him around. He won’t mind it, and even if he did he won’t do anything about it.

And this is the limit of what little knowledge I gained while learning to be a human being.

When do we loose a friend ?

A schoolmate commented on an old photograph on my facebook page. The photo was of my school days, taken at the time we completed our high school. The entire batch along with the teachers, captured into an immortal moment.

Most of the faces were familiar, some familiar but difficult to recognise .

But some faces seem foreign.

This got me thinking. Why do I not remember them ? Have I lost these friends ?

When do we loose a friend ?

Is it when the friend dies ?

Nah. Can’t be. I lost my best friend when we were 15 years old adolescents. But I still consider him as a friend. Amongst us, we still discuss and cherish our memories involving him. Only the state of his existence has changed. So I can’t say that he is no longer a friend.

Do we loose a friend when you call him, but he disconnects the call, and sends a sms – ” I am busy, call me later” and  never calls back ?

In our day to day life, the lifestyle is getting more hectic. It is very probable for some one to forget a call back. So, this can’t be the answer.

Do we loose a friend when he gets married and can no longer “hang-out” at your usual spots ?

Definitely not. Everyone needs his own personal space, but most often, there is a change to make a new friend. But it does take time for the spouse to know you better to be considered as a friend.

Do we loose a friend when a familiar voice says “wrong number” ?

Hmm. Maybe .

Do we loose a friend when you look back at your life and can no longer find anyone to share a bench with ?

This, would be a difficult question to answer.

An early Riser

Operation “Getting up early, Day 1.

Got up early.
Looked around.
Noticed that it was still dark outside.
Looked at the watch.
Surmised it has been half hour since I slept.
Went back to sleep.
Woke up at 7 in the morning.

Achievement unlocked : early bird.

Time to catch some worms.

For the want of energy

Ever wonder why someone you met on a bus, a train, a park felt like he/she could be a good friend, or he/she  “clicked” ?

That is because of the Energy. More specifically, the frequency at which “you” vibrate.

To understand this concept, it is good to understand that everything in the universe, including the universe itself , is vibrating at a certain frequency. This frequency determines, whether that particular object can be termed as positive or negative.

So, for instance,if you sit besides a depressed person, that person is vibrating at a completely different frequency. You may be bound to feel a bit sad and depressed or angry and uncomfortable yourself, because both of you are vibrating at a different frequency.

Now wouldn’t it be best if we keep feeling better, happier more alive all the time ?

Well, simply vibrate at a best frequency. Vibrate at a frequency which matches that of the universe. Since, “The Universe” will be the one providing all the “Goodies” in your life.

Besides this, there are a few things which might give out indications about negative energy.

  •  In a room, you might feel dull
  • The paint from a room may start to peel off, or become faded. The walls may be cracked.
  • You might feel restless in a particular place or with certain people
  • Blushing, cold feet/hands, numbness, excessive sweating, continuous body pain , fear , etc
  • A lot of diseases in a particular place.

Negativity affects ourselves and everyone around us. It limits our potential to become something great and live a fulfilling, purposeful life. So keep it away from you.

Stay blessed.