I hate driving.

The entire process of “wind blowing through my hair” and “feeling the freedom of open roads” doesn’t really appeal to me. I can just hire a driver and a car to do just those things without the extra effort of driving in dense, bumper to bumper traffic. The whole notion of keep-shifting-gears-from first-to-second-and-back-to-first in a span of 30 seconds and repeat this procedure hours at a time, is too taxing on my legs, arms and buttocks. Then there is also the constant checking the mirrors to check if it is safe to backup or change the lane, or the constant fear of you hitting a dog.
Mind you, there is a chance to have great calf muscles built because of this exercise, but those are just for the left leg ( clutch for right hand drive) .

But be that as it may, it never bothers me, when I see a guy, trying to park his car parallel to the footpath and taking 10 tries to do it,I always think of how I would have do it.

For some reason, my brain doesn’t comprehend, that I hate driving.

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