Greetings readers, It brings me immense pleasure to announce that is now hosted on blue host. Finally, the control freak in me will get the kind of control I am looking for. I hope that this path will lead to some wonderful new experiences.   I would like to thank all those patrons who were kind enough to donate, like my posts and spread … Continue reading Announcement


I hate driving. The entire process of “wind blowing through my hair” and “feeling the freedom of open roads” doesn’t really appeal to me. I can just hire a driver and a car to do just those things without the extra effort of driving in dense, bumper to bumper traffic. The whole notion of keep-shifting-gears-from first-to-second-and-back-to-first in a span of 30 seconds and repeat this … Continue reading Drivers…

Writer’s block and cockroaches

I have been suffering from a writer’s block for some time now. Which means, I don’t have any topics to write an article. I had heard that most writers get a writer’s block and get inspired by seemly random events. This type of inspired writing wins them awards. So when I entered my bathroom and saw three identical but small cockroaches, the first thing that popes in … Continue reading Writer’s block and cockroaches

Kids and the pressure cooker.

You know in the old days, (wow… I feel very old now) i.e. 10 years back kids used to play outside and used to beg for  more mins before coming home. I know I did. Life was simpler back then. You play for two hours everyday except Sundays and vacations, then study for a few hours and sleep soundly till you reach the high school. … Continue reading Kids and the pressure cooker.