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Why not ask ?

I was watching a program on the television recently. It was a comedy show.

The performer, stood on the stage, smiling and waving at the audience.

The very first line he said , ” I don’t know why I am here today.”.

I never understood this. If you don’t know why you are there, why not ask the organizers  when they come to invite you to do a skit ? It is not like you were surprised to be called on the stage.

Or perhaps, they suddenly have an epiphany or because self-aware of yourself, right in that divine place, of the stage facing thousands of pairs of eyes looking at you (or perhaps at your soul).

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Poor Restaurant, Rich Restaurant

I am a foodie, so I like to visit plenty of eating places. During  the sorties, I observed a few things which might differentiate pricey fancy restaurants from cheap  budget restaurants.

Fancy : If you have to stay in a queue and have to be quiet, it is bound to be a fancy place.

Budget :You can be in a queue and shout to your hearts content. 

Fancy : The “Fancier” the place, less the portion of the food.

Budget : The Portion does not depend on the cost, but on the whim of the chef.

Fancy : The waiters take their time to bring the dish to the table. They event wait an appropriate amount of time, before bringing the next course.

Budget : The waiters bring the food very fast, even though you haven’t finished your current meal. 

Fancy : You can stay and chat as long as you want. Mostly, you wouldn’t be told to hurry up and leave as the guests are waiting.

Budget : Strong chance that people, ungraciously shouting, might form a queue and stand behind you till you complete the food , so as to book their seats. 

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Artist on the street.

This incident was a while back. Back, when the nation was still ruled by the Gandhi family, Sachin was still playing cricket, not many people knew who Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was and when I still had some cash in my pocket.

As I mentioned, I had cash in my pocket.

No I was not planing on visiting any temple, nor a lady of negotiable affection.

I was planing on buying some shoes. So I roamed the usual streets of Pune, browsing  the merchandise,  when I came across a boot-polisher.

He did not have any customers, so he was scribbling on a piece of paper. I mean, he was using a Red coloured pen and a Blue coloured pen to draw an abstract picture.

Needless to say, I took a picture. ( If I hadn’t then it would have been a huge penalty for entire mankind. or at-least the one which clicks pics of random crows,sparrows, funny looking tiles, shapes made using multiple hands and feet, and posts them to Facebook.)


Now, while clicking this , I was looking at his face, and then I noticed, there were some tears in his eyes. Maybe, his art was being noticed . It was being appreciated. It was being clicked by someone he did not know, without him telling the person to do so.


Being a bad photographer, I was not able to capture the tears in his eyes, but trust me, they were tears of joy.

It was not Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh or Ravi Verma. But he sure felt like one. Because as is the way of human nature, when some one is clicking something, people around get curious and look at what is actually being clicked. In no time, there were around 15 people admiring the sketch.

The expression of the new born artist was priceless.

If anyone really wishes to see this person, please visit J.M. road in Pune. He may still be there, with his red pen, blue pen and a  piece of paper, scribbling away…