Death spot of cricket

I have a cousin who is of the age when he plays cricket at any conceivable spot of open ground. This includes main roads, (stopping cars is a very important function in this case) , 10ft x 12ft balconies (increases the patience level, it is said), open grounds ( which are notoriously close to glass buildings) and cemeteries.

Now, I gave a lot of though to the notion of playing adjacent to a cemetery.

  1. Since we are Hindu, the dead are cremated. So there is always a strong change that an “unclaimed” skull can be used as a ball or helmet depending on it’s size.
  2. There is always an uncle around to throw the ball back to you,in case it goes far enough.
  3. In case the uncle is reluctant, the resident ghosts can certainly help matters.
  4. Since there are bound to be multiple ghosts around, they can serve as umpires in the match and that means, an occasional random voice would not be considered out of place.
  5. The ghosts will mostly be neutral guarantying an unbiased decision, unless he was the previous owner of the aforementioned skull.
  6. As a part of cemetery decorum, people will be hesitant to tell you to stop playing.
  7. You can be sure, that the land will never undergo any kind of construction. Plane ground guarantied. for life…. and even after.

So many advantages of playing at the cemetery. Why did I not think of this .

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